Are you overwhelmed?

I am having more conversations lately with people who are utterly overwhelmed. I have my theories. Two of them are: The makeup of homelessness has changed because Covid “activated” a lot of mental illness.  Consequently, there are simply more people in active episodes of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder right now. The “labor shortage” is stressing […]

In the event that I am pronounced mentally insane…

It was a Saturday. Mid-morning. Pleasantly warm outside. On such days, people should be skipping stones across tranquil ponds.  Or playing frisbee with panting dogs in freshly mowed fields. Or driving through mountain passes with windows down and music loud. I was doing none of those things. I was in my windowless office, my face […]

Who REALLY wrote Harry Potter?

SCENARIO A Meet Paula.  She lived at the homeless shelter where I work. Paula is the woman who REALLY wrote the Harry Potter series. Paula was very proud of her literary abilities.  She absolutely hated that “British b*tch” who stole her masterpieces. In fact, we learned to refer to JK Rowling as “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” Is this […]