Frequently Asked Questions


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The Core Training is 3.5 hours long total. The Supplemental Trainings are approximately 1 hour each. All trainings are broken into multiple videos from 2-18 minutes each.

Subscriptions are for 1 year. During that time you will have access to the Core Training, Supplemental Trainings, and our monthly live trainings.

Our trainings are offered through Niche Academy.

Yes we offer certificates for both the online training and live trainings.

No. Each person has his/her own account. You can choose to watch any of the trainings as a group but you do not have to.

Yes. Each staff member will have his/her own account. Staff members can log in from home (or anywhere else) and complete the trainings.

No. Users can view the trainings as many times as they would like.

Yes. The system will show the administrator each user’s progress.