Are you and your staff equipped to work with vulnerable individuals?

I was recently in Australia doing live trainings (and looking for kangaroos/koalas).

FYI, koalas are VERY hard to find. They hide in the trees which is kinda rude to tourists.

A researcher in Australia (Dr. Jane Garner from Charles Sturt University) is doing a study on libraries and homelessness.


She asked staff if they have the skills/knowledge to work with homeless patrons:

  • 16% of staff who HAVE NOT had training on homelessness say “YES.”
  • 75% of staff who HAVE had training on homelessness say “YES.”

(While she didn’t explicitly ask if it was our training, she did hint that people mostly got their training from us).

Training makes a difference:

  • It increases staff confidence.
  • It increases staff empathy.
  • It increases staff skills.

If your organization does not currently have a membership to our training, now is a REALLY good time to give it a try.

We let one person per organization do a free 2-week trial of ALL of our trainings (all 34 hours if you want!).

You can look at a catalog of our courses here:

If you want a trial, just go to and we’ll get you set up.

Have a great day!

Empathy is the answer,


P.S. For more information on Dr. Garner’s project, “Public Libraries in the Lives of People Experiencing Homelessness Project,” go to

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