Love the light more than you hate the darkness.

I will tell you the story of the exact moment I chose to believe in humanity.  I tell you my story not because it is special.  It isn’t.  I tell you my story specifically because it is NOT special. It was January 1999.  2am to be precise.  I was 21 years old.  I had just […]

What about the
undeserving poor?

WARNING:  I use one cuss word in this post.    (But I use it really well.) Our culture tries to separate poor people into two groups: The “Deserving Poor” generally includes: The “Undeserving Poor” includes anyone who did anything to contribute to their situation.  (Or didn’t pull themselves up by their “bootstraps” quickly enough.) Rarely […]

Do you believe in humanity?

You have a choice. Path 1 You can accept the prevailing cynicism of the day. You can focus on the flaws of those around you—their imperfections, their greed, their propensity for evil. You can assume the worst of your friends, neighbors, and — especially — strangers.  You can remind yourself that people are selfish and […]