Homelessness and libraries survey results.


There are two interesting surveys that I wanted to share with all the library staff out there.

1) Survey of Homelessness in Public Libraries

In June we sent a survey developed by David Conforti, a master’s student at Maastricht University.

Thanks to your awesomeness, David received over 3,600 responses! His report includes his findings and a breakdown of all the responses.

Click HERE to take a look.

The most significant finding:

Having a nearby shelter increased the police / paramedic calls (and expulsions) at that library. Having nearby public parks and community centers lowered police / paramedic calls (and expulsions). (This is not encouraging, but it isn’t surprising either.)

2) New Jersey Library Association “Library Cards for All” Survey

The New Jersey Library Association did a study on homelessness and library cards.

The most significant finding:

“Patrons without permanent addresses are 50% more likely to be responsible with library materials than the average patron.” (This is encouraging!)

Click HERE to read their survey and findings.

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