Do you believe in humanity?

You have a choice.

Path 1

You can accept the prevailing cynicism of the day.

You can focus on the flaws of those around you—their imperfections, their greed, their propensity for evil.

You can assume the worst of your friends, neighbors, and — especially — strangers. 

You can remind yourself that people are selfish and that anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. 

Basically, you can give up on humankind.

If you do:

  • No one will ever disappoint you.
  • You will never be let down.
  • You will never feel like a fool.

Path 2

You can choose to see the imperfect beauty that is humankind.

You can believe that—flawed as we are—most people most of the time want to do what is right.  Often, we don’t know how.

You can choose to see the damaged divinity in those around you (and yourself). 

If you choose to believe in humankind:

  • Regularly, you will be proven wrong (and be reminded by those around you).
  • Frequently, people will let you down in ways that draw your blood and wound your soul. 
  • Daily, you will feel foolish and naive… even stupid.

And, also:

  • Occasionally, you will witness miracles that shatter your expectations and expand your consciousness.
  • Every now and then, you will experience an unexplainable and incomprehensible beauty that defies reason.
  • Sporadically, you will marvel at inexplicable wonders that are normally seen only by God Herself.

You have a choice to make.

You can accept the cold winds that batter humanity… 

…or you can blow on the single glowing coal in an otherwise dead fire.

Choose carefully.


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