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MARCH 6-31, 2023

The challenge has ended.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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This challenge is open to anyone who serves vulnerable folks. Share your unique link with coworkers/colleagues (& you will earn 100 points when they sign up!)


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Share your unique with someone who is interested in the Pennies in the Cup Challenge. If they use your link and register for the challenge, you’ll get credit for referring them.

You can get up to 3,000 points for referring people to the challenge.

If your points didn’t come through, it’s likely the person didn’t register using your special link.

Absolutely! You can only receive up to 3,000 points for people who register using your link. However, we want everyone who works with vulnerable individuals to take part in this challenge.

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The daily task reset at midnight Central Time.

No, you don't have to complete a task each day. Just complete them any day you work (and you'll be entered for the prize raffle for that day).

Sorry, there’s no way to mark a previous day’s task as complete. The best way to remember is set a reminder at the end of each work shift so you log in and mark them complete.

Email [email protected] so we can check our system.

When you log in, you will see the available tasks for that day.


At the end of each day, a list is created of all participants who completed at least one task that day. That list of participants goes into the raffle to win a prize.

We will email you if you win a prize. Also you can check the challenge dashboard for the previous day’s winner.

If you won a prize but did not receive an email (that day), email [email protected]. Let her know which prize you won and that you did not receive an email asking your mailing address. Sometimes our emails get caught in junk/trash/spam.

Shipping times vary based on the prize. If you haven’t received your prize in 2 weeks, email [email protected].

Go to the Empathy Gear page to see which items are available for purchase. We’re sorry but some items are only available as prizes.

Absolutely! We want everyone to participate and will be happy to ship prizes to you if you win!


Thank you for sharing! We’re not able to post them all but definitely want you to keep sharing.

Absolutely! This challenge is 100% free. We want everyone to learn how to prevent conflict. It’s the key to de-escalation!

This challenge is definitely more fun if done together! You can give out small prizes daily or weekly (candy, gift cards, etc.).

To allow the group to see everyone’s points, set up a Google sheet (or common spreadsheet) where folks can enter their points each day.

Your access to the training through the Challenge website will end on March 31 (when the Challenge ends).

No. There will be prizes given out to folks who attend live. Also Ryan will be holding Q&A about the Homeless De-Escalation 301 training and any questions about the Challenge. If you register but can’t attend live you will still be able to access the recording using your Zoom link.


Just reach out to [email protected] or use the form to contact us.



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Winners will be contacted via email.
If you won a prize and have not received a notification, please reach out to [email protected].

Elizabeth Bertolet

Family Promise -Main Line, Pennsylvania

Hayley Coble

Ilsley Public Library, Vermont

Joanne Hirshfield

Deana Gaona

Brooke Marsh

Chattanooga Public Library, Tennessee

Heather McCartin

Johnson County Library, Kansas

Wanda Vereen

House of Hope of the Pee Dee, South Carolina

Amy Gafkjen

Jackson District Library, Michigan

Elise Stahn

Deschutes Public Library, Oregon

Margarete Lory

Carroll County Public Library, Maryland

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Latest Update from Ryan

Challenge Highlights

"I really appreciate the Questions part of this challenge. The questions are great reminders to step out of the structured 'work' mode and have valuable non-work conversations with customers."
Bryan F.
"I like to give compliment to break the ice and then ask them questions to get to know them and remember to ask about their interests the next time I see them."
"Deeds. It's usually a good opener to get other pennies, and it's also one of the easiest ones to do on the fly."
"I like to ask questions about their day and any issues they've recently had that I may be able to help with. I give compliments when I notice something different about them. Also the ability to help them whether I am in the shelter for a shift or if I am in to check on the staff and their well being is important to me."
"'Deeds' are my favorite way to get pennies. Even though it's my job, the reactions I get from patrons when I help them find an item, suggest new items to them, or help them discover something they haven't used before always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside."
Cat O.
"Questions! Asking someone how their day is, or asking about a conversation from the previous day helps build rapport."
Teddy S.
"I think my favorite way to break the ice and talk to just about anyone is complimenting something small. It almost always gets a smile, and it opens up the conversation."
Jayne R.
"I prefer deeds. When you actually do something for another person it has a more lasting impact."
Tena G.
"I feel like compliments is the easiest way to start a conversation, and then you can build up to deeds, touch, introductions, and everything else falls into place. Start with a 'Hey I like____' can turn into a nice conversation that you can recall later on."
Nicole F.
"I think my favorite way to break the ice and talk to just about anyone is complimenting something small. It almost always gets a smile, and it opens up the conversation."
Jayne R.
"I like questions. It makes me feel more connected to ask or follow up on a conversation we previously had and shows that I am interested in what they have to say. I make sure to keep myself focused on them and what they're saying so they know I genuinely want to listen, and learn more about what they have going on."
"That's a tough one because I love doing them all. I think my overall favorite is touch. I love nothing more than running into one of my clients, whether it be at the office, the library, the soup kitchen or a park and giving and receiving hugs. Lots of times that is the only thing a person is looking for."
Sheryl B.
"My favorite way of getting pennies is to compliment a piece of clothing. I work with a lot of children and nothing makes them happier to have someone tell them they like what they are wearing. For adults I have found that it is appreciated if you compliment their accessories."
Melissa V.
"I love to ask people questions because they get excited when you express interest in them. I love to see people excited or passionate about things."